Pet Friendly Dental Care Has Joined Pet Dental Services

Two of the most reputable companies in non-anesthetic dentistry for pets have joined forces.  Pet Dental Services is the only company that has put their reputation and credibility on the line, by volunteering to take part in the first-of-it’s-kind, double-blind study with a Board-Certified veterinary dentist, and a Diplomat of the Veterinary Dental College. The purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate the companies ability to complete a non-anesthetic dental procedure safely and thoroughly.  PDS was put to the test, and the results speak for themselves (link to the study section). The study clearly identified that PDS’ hygienists, following their 11-step procedure, are proficient at performing a thorough prophylaxis and have the ability to recognize pathology, both soft tissue and tooth structure related.

Pet Dental Services also employs the best in the field. Dr. Mayra Urbieta, a Diplomat of the American Board of Periodontalogy heads PDS’ research and development, to ensure continued progress in training and educating all of PDS’ hygienists. Dr. Urbieta has been with PDS since 2008.
Pet Dental Services prides itself in employing top quality dental hygienists. They are all active members of, and certified by, the National Pet Dental Association (NPDA). They are members of the American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians and are level 1 dental technician certified. Most importantly, all PDS staff members embrace the PDS code of ethics to provide a quality, professional, and genuine compassionate approach to pet health care.